Geoffrey M. Gabriel MD, FAPA

The central focus of Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA is the concept of Cura Personalis: Care of the Whole Person.


v  We believe each patient presents with a unique life story and a pathway leading to their current distress.

v  We view individual illness as a deeply interpersonal experience and medical care as a moral practice based on a partnership between the patient and the physician. 

v  Patients are engaged in a continuous treatment and healing relationship, and it is understood that patients are individuals - not a specific diagnosis nor a type of disease process. 

v  Treatment is based on a bio-psycho-social approach to medical practice with emphasis placed on the central nature of the mind-body connection

v  Our practice focuses on the unique individual strengths of each patient with treatment emphasis on the use and growth of strengths to promote the healing process. 

At Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations care and treatment are viewed as evolving situations with the elements of transparency, anticipation of needs, continuous safety, and free flow of necessary information. Treatment recommendations and decisions are based on the best available science coupled with the stated needs, desires, and values of the individual patient. Value is highly placed on the continuous reduction in potential waste of resources and potential waste of patient time.

Our focus on patient-centered care guides our commitments to include:

v  continuous quality improvement,

v  professionalism,

v  accountability, 

v  credibility

v  ethical principles,

v  system-based clinical practices, and

v  sensitivities to diverse populations.

We look forward to being in partnership with each and every patient, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment and care delivered with compassion and trust.