Geoffrey M. Gabriel MD, FAPA
Suboxone Treatment


Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA is approved as a clinical practice to provide Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual film (DEA CIII) treatment to appropriate patients who meet the diagnostic criteria for Opioid Use Disorder (DSM-5, APA 2013). In addition, appropriate patients for treatment services are those individuals who have demonstrated a clear understanding of the safe use of Suboxone, participate fully in the required psychosocial counseling, and demonstrate full participation in the screening and monitoring procedures to determine progress toward individualized treatment goals. At all times, each patient will be assessed by clinical staff to determine if the benefits of treatment with Suboxone outweigh the risks associated with treatment. Included in the treatment process are the use of appropriate drug screens to assess use of both Suboxone and illicit substances. If it is felt by any member of the clinical staff that a particular patient is not making adequate progression, consideration will be given to making a referral to more intensive forms of substance use disorder treatments. 

Professional fees for treatment with Suboxone (film formulation) may be obtained by calling our office and speaking directly with a clinician. A phone screen is required for all patients to determine that we can meet your needs in our treatment program. In addition to medication management, Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA provides a wide range of individual and group therapies which can be individualized to the patient and their specific needs.