Geoffrey M. Gabriel MD, FAPA
Insurance & Policies


Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA currently does not accept reimbursement from any insurance company including any health care programs of the State of South Carolina or of the Federal Government. Thus, Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA is not considered to be an in-network member of any insurance company, and does not bill directly to any insurance company for services. It is felt that the greatest level of privacy and confidentiality can be obtained by not involving insurance companies in the provision of health and behavioral medicine services. However, all patients will be provided with invoice statements which may be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement. Each patient can make the independent decision whether to submit invoice statements for reimbursement - this allows each patient to have the greatest control over the release of their health and behavioral medicine information. Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA does not participate in utilization review processes or preauthorization for treatment services.


Due to above policy regarding  insurance reimbursement, payment for services is expected at the time of completion of each appointment. Each patient will be provided with a Professional Fees Schedule following thier initial appointment. The Professional Fees Schedule is subject to change, and each patient will be given advance notice prior to any changes. Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA accepts personal checks and certain credit cards. Other payment arrangements may be discussed with the treating physician.

Cancellation Policy and No-Show Policy

Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA does not double-book appointments. Thus, your scheduled appointment is time reserved especially for your treatment. If you fail to attend a scheduled appointment, you are subject to a financial charge for that missed appointment. In addition, if you cancel a scheduled appointment less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, you are also subject to a financial charge. However, it is clearly understood that emergencies arise in all of our lives, and these emergencies may result in late cancellation or no-show appointments. Please discuss this situation with your treating physician prior to accepting a financial charge. Failure to attend an initial appointment results in a 50% financial charge of the Professional Fee for that type of appointment. If you still desire to be seen for an initial appointment, you will need to pay the 50% financial charge in addition to the full Professional Fee for a second scheduled initial appointment. Please note that the the majority of insurance companies will not reimburse for cancellation and no-show financial charges.

Phone Calls

It is the policy of Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA to return routine/non-urgent phone calls from established patients within 48 hours when the message is left within normal business hours. Our clinical care focus is to provide quality patient treatment through scheduled office visits and not through unscheduled phone calls. Depending on the nature of your phone call, you may be directed to make a next-available appointment to be seen by your treating physician. 

Appointment Times

Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA supports patients who are employed and cannot easily take time away from work during typical standard office hours. To accomodate established patients, we may provide early morning appointments, extended evening hours, and weekend appointments on an individual need basis. For specialized appointment times, please discuss options with your treating physician.
Online Consultations

Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA does not provide online consultations. 

Home Visits

The practice structure at Poinsett sychiatric Innovations, PA offers home visits by a treating physician on a limited basis. Different Professional Fees apply for physician home visits, and charges are determined based on such variables as travel time, patient contact time, and case complexity. This type of appointment is typically best suited for a weekend morning if the situation is not medically urgent. The provision of home visits remains totally at the determination of the treating physician.