Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA: Cura Personalis
Geoffrey M. Gabriel, MD, FAPA
Functional Neuropsychiatry
At Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA a strong focus is placed on functional neuropsychiatry methods including innovative testing for optimal emotional and behavioral health. Often laboratory tests can assist in the identification of clinical imbalances or disruptions in the various physiological systems of the body including the immunological, neurological, and hormonal. Focused testing appropriate to age, gender, and the nature of presenting problem can help to develop a personalized description of a patient's specific biomarkers. Physiological imbalances can often underlie many of complex emotional and behavioral issues which have not been treated to the point of remission during past treatment episodes. In partnership with NeuroScience, Psychiatry Innovations employs a patient care cycle which includes the following five elements:
  • biomarker testing;
  • analyzing of neurotransmitter and endocrine profiles;
  • recommendations regarding a personalized, highly effective treatment programs;
  • initiation of therapy based on the patient's goals, predisposing factors, and perpetuating factors; and
  • follow-up to note the effectiveness of the therapeutic approach through the identification of clinical outcomes with possible dosing adjustments.
Dr. Gabriel has obtained certification in both Neuro and Endo Curriculums through the NEI Certification process.