Geoffrey M. Gabriel MD, FAPA
Electronic Medical Record
Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA is proud to partner with Valant Medical Solutions to provide the electronic medical record services for established patients. Valant Medical Solutions was selected based on their company's emphasis on quality, safety, and efficiency in the provision of their services and design of their product. In addition, Valant Medical Solutions is one of the very few electronic medical records which is solely designed to be used by clinicians in the practice of psychiatry and behavioral medicine. Various privacy and confidentiality aspects of the Valant electronic medical record are described in the section entitled "Privacy Practices". The Valant electronic medical record fully supports a patient portal system which allows secure services such as prescription refills, patient education materials, the submission of clinical measurement tools, and viewing of upcoming scheduled appointments. Please remember that the electronic medical record differs from the Personal Health Record (PHR) especially in legal aspects - the medical record is a legal document while the PHR does not have legal status. The PHR is a tool used by individual patients to collect, track, and share both current and past information regarding their health care. There are many excellent reasons for maintaining a PHR including assisting with medical decision making. We highly recommends that patients have some form of PHR. Various insurance companies, employers, and commercial organizations supply the formats for establishing a PHR. Some PHR services are free of charge while others have an associated subscription fee. Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA will assist in providing documentation from your medical record for your PHR.