Geoffrey M. Gabriel MD, FAPA
About Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA
Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, PA is dedicated to the concept of patient-centered care incorporating individual patient desires, respect for the patient, transparency and choice in treatment, comfort, and dignity. Within this framework, our clinicians also focus on building integrated, shared, and collaborative treatment partnerships with local primary care physicians, speciality physicians, and behavioral medicine clinicians. Our practice is built on a behavioral medicine and health care model designed to serve mental health issues and substance abuse treatment with the aim to help each individual patient live a healthier, more productive, and longer life. Thus, our clinicians seek to provide integrated and accessible behavioral medicine and health care while developing a sustained partnership with each patient. Focus is also placed, when appropriate, on stress-linked physical symptoms, patient activation, and modification of overall health-related activities. 

To meet the above goals in patient care, Dr. Gabriel and the Staff are committed to the following patient-centered practices:

  • active participation of each patient in the development, design, and revision of treatment and recovery plans;
  • active use of psychoeducational materials for the provision of current evidence-based treatment options to help each patient make informed decisions regarding their treatment and care;
  • active use of illness self-management skills and practices which support individual patient preferences for treatment and care; and
  • active and effective linkages with community resources to help each patient in recovery and illness self-management.

As a patient of Poinsett Psychiatric Innovations, you can expect the following in our treatment and care approaches:
  • a deep respect for an individual's dignity and worth;
  • support of individual autonomy and self-governance;
  • faithfulness to the individual interests of each patient;
  • fair treatment  which seeks to provide the greatest benefit;
  • protection of personal information related to treatment and care; and  
  • integrity in your treating physician as demonstrated by truth and honesty.